What’s inappropriate?

There’s a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate, an easy one to cross inadvertently if the definition of the terms varies from one person to another.

Red: Are you mad at me? 
Green: It is not a question of being mad, it is a question of being inappropriate 
Red was given a lesson in proper behavior 


Red was again desperate. He somehow knew he was making another mistake when he approached her one more time, but he hoped against all odds that she would finally be kind and ready to talk to him. He wanted to tell her he was sorry if he had bothered her before, he wanted to tell her many things to make her understand how important she was for him. He could not wait, nothing else mattered, yet he was running to his loss. 

Green did not expect him to come and talk to her again, especially when someone else was around, but of course he did not care about her and she sensed her temper flaring. He was so inconsiderate, his attitude was so inappropriate, he had no sense of timing, he understood nothing, she promised herself she was done with him for good this time, and she was trembling when they parted. 

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