When in doubt

When in doubt, ask someone. A third party opinion helps put things in perspective, and sharing is a good way to let go of the stress.Red: she drives me crazy

Black: they all do

Green (smile, smile)

Green did not know how she felt about Red  – but she was having fun teasing him

Not knowing what to do, Red decided to confide in someone. It would not solve the problem, if problem there was, yet it was a way to get a second opinion, and to assess more clearly what was going on. He did not expect a solution, and he did not get one. It was fun to laugh at her, to laugh at him, it was a relief to share his hopes and concerns.

Green was looking at him on the side, and there was nothing more enjoyable than knowing she was desired. She did not have to do anything in fact, just making sure he was seeing her on a regular basis. It was like playing hide and seek, and she had to admit it was fun. Yet she also decided she would stop being around him as much as she had done lately, to spice things up and see what he would do.

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