Wrong assumptions

Affection is as blind as love and it creates assumptions we cherish even if time will one day prove them wrong.

Red: (I cannot work when she is around) 

Green: (I like him being busy) 

Green was not immune to wrong assumptions 


Red’s life was more and more rotating around Green absence or presence. When she was away, he was trying to figure out where she would be next, when she was next to him, he was thinking of ways to be noticed. He was always pretending to be working, yet he was mainly staring stupidly at his screen or paper, unable to read, unable to think. He knew he could afford to slow down, he had done enough already to stay afloat for a while, but he was wondering how long it could go on. 

When she was seeing him working, Green had always a surge of affection toward him. He looked so serious, so responsible, so dependable. She knew he could also be fun as she had seen him laughing and having a good time with his friends, and she liked the balance he seemed to have. She also liked the way he bent his head when thinking, and the funny habit he had to type all his texts as if the keyboard was a beast to be tamed. He was like a bear, soft but a bit frightful, wild yet amenable.  


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